To encourage and fortify relationships between military service members, veterans, their families, their friends, and their Country; to nurture the path of communication for everyone, ensuring that no one is alone or left behind; and proving that we have not, are not, and will never forget the nobility of their sacrifices.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tough Mudder 2012 Tahoe

In September I'm participating in the Tough Mudder event in Tahoe. This is an approximate 11 mile military style obstacle corse complete with fire, eclectic shock, and a variety of other joy. Tough Mudder donates a portion of their proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. They also offer participants to gather donations for the Wounded Warrior Project for a discounted entry fee. As much as I love discounts, I love Wounded Warriors more.

Here is the link if you'd like to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. Check it out. 

If you don't know what Tough Mudder is.... check out the video from last years event. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Act Of Valor- A Movie Review

The first time I heard of Act Of Valor I was sitting at Blog World in a small theatre with Laughing Wolf from BlackFive, (Or maybe you know him better as the CEO of Cooking With The Troops?) Markus The Red Shirt from YouServed Radio, and everyones favorite Marine Widow, Mrs. P from A Little Pink In A World Of Camo.  After listening to the director and producer tell us a little about the movie, we got to see a preview. It was enough to hook all of us into wanting to see the movie.

Last night was date night. I don't think my husband minded when I said I wanted to see Act Of Valor. Now I can't speak on the credibility of the military tactical side of the movie. As a civilian I can tell you it pretty much rocked. The sound of the live ammo used in the scenes created a deep sound that's never been matched. I have heard the scenes with enemy contact have triggered PTSD symptoms for some Veterans, whether this is due to the sounds of gun fire, the graphic nature of some of the scenes, or both, I can't say. I would like Veterans to think before they see it if they are sensitive to these types of situations. I would also caution any Gold Star Families before seeing this movie, as it's very emotional.

Without spoiling the movie, I will say that much like real war, people die. Good people with families. To push this point forward, at the end of the movie they honor all of the Fallen SEAL's since 9/11. I recognized many names. The one that choked me up was Petty Officer 1st Class Neil C. Roberts. I knew him when I was younger. We even share a very proud niece and nephew. I had been thinking of him, his wife, son, and family while watching the movie.

The sacrifices military men and women make, along with the support and love of their families is not fictional entertainment. They are very real. The average American needs to remember this, hopefully this movie will give the average American a glimpse of the sacrifices so many have made since 9/11.

Their Sacrifice. Our Freedom.