To encourage and fortify relationships between military service members, veterans, their families, their friends, and their Country; to nurture the path of communication for everyone, ensuring that no one is alone or left behind; and proving that we have not, are not, and will never forget the nobility of their sacrifices.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Put yourself in his dad’s shoes « BurnPit

A loving father, grieving for his Marine son who was killed in Iraq is ordered to pay court cost for the lawyers who protested his son's funeral. Wow.  I have so many responses, I am dizzy just trying to think of one to put in print. In the end I will just encourage you to read the story for yourself and make up your own mind, then let me know how it makes you feel and what you think of it all.

I send my best wishes to the brave Father, and am so grateful for organizations like The American Legion who help our Veteran's and their Families in so many ways, this just being one of them.

Put yourself in his dad’s shoes « BurnPit

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Monday, March 29, 2010


I wanted to make sure everyone sees this, because lets face it... it's worth seeing.  The creator is my friend over at he is currently working out issues with Copy Right Laws so he can make posters for sale. I will be sure to post when he's ready for business.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Showing Your Support

I just want to say I have already had several people either verbally or written their support for our men and woman.  I want tell each and everyone one of you Thank You. I will make sure to pass on the messages of support.

My Master Jedi Marine

I have a friend who is a very special Marine.  He is the guy, that if he does his job right, you will never know he existed. You will never know what he has done for you. You will never know the sacrifices he and his men have made for your safety, your freedom, and your future. When my boys asked what he did, I told them he was a "Master Jedi Marine" and since they love all things Star Wars, they were in instant awe. When my boys found out that lightsabers were not standard issue, they demanded we send two lightsabers to our Master Jedi, because how could he and his men be expected to defeat the bad guys without a lightsaber? 

Now he is properly armed. 

My Master Jedi doesn't expect a thank you for a job he enjoys and takes pride in, but he is trained to notice things.  Like how there is not as many American Flags flapping in the wind as there was after The World Trade Center tragedy. He's noticed Iraq and Afghanistan are only acknowledged during an Election year. Even the media has backed off it's coverage, only reporting the kinetic engagements following the eternal rule that if it bleeds it leads.  From the troops I'm in contact with, they have all noticed a decline in the American Public's support for them, not just My Master Jedi. It is these reasons that I started Words For Warriors in the first place. To show our troops they have not been forgotten about.  My Master Jedi knows he has not been forgotten about. I would never allow that to happen.
In an effort to share some of his experience with me, I sent him an American flag, which he carried in his vest on two missions, and flew over his base in Afghanistan.
The initials on the corner of the flag show it is mine. He carried it with pride, I have no doubt.  My boys were excited to learn he was shot at while carrying our flag, seems fittingly symbolic for him to be shot at while carrying an American flag as he fought for our freedom, no?
This is my flag flying in the winds of Afghanistan on December 16th, 2009. 

My Master Jedi sent me many more amazing pictures of him and his Team that I cannot post. One of my  favorites is a picture of him and his Team holding my flag before a mission.  The picture seems iconic in so many ways. He also took the time to write me a letter, documenting the dates and a few details regarding where my flag had accompanied him. In the letter he writes,
"I understand the struggle, hardship, and inconvenience that you go through to support people that you do not even know. But this package I hope finds you and your family with warm hears behind it. I have enclosed the flag as promised for your family and with it; it represents dedication that you and your family deserve... It has seen the torn country that the United States military is trying to rebuild and reorganize... "
Although I appreciate the thanks in my Master Jedi's letter I feel that he and his men deserve the thanks. One way I have done that is to frame the flag, with my initials showing, his letter, and nine of my favorite photos of him and his men. I have placed this trinity in my office for friends and family to see. This trinity invokes pride in everyone who has seen it. It is a trinity of instant American pride. I took pictures of this trinity to show my Master Jedi what I have done to honor him and his men's hard work.  He wrote back telling me he thought is was "very patriotic of me" to frame everything.  He showed some of his Teammates whom he believed felt pride at the images. I hope the pride was not only for their country, but for the honor, and thanks I give them by showcasing their handwork.  Proving that in one house, our troops, and their sacrifices will never be forgotten.
Even though I know my Master and his men don't expect a thank you, I think they deserve one.  I encourage you to leave a comment of thanks for them to read.  I know it will mean more than you know.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For A Brave Warrior

Anyone who knows me, knows I don't have to know you, to want to do something for you. If I hear you need something, and I have it, I will give it to you. If you need a laugh, I am your fool. I am a giver. It makes me happy to help other people, anyway I can. That is, after all, why I started this blog and Words For Warriors project. I saw a need for the men and women who fight for us to know, we know they are there, and we appreciate them. Their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

This leads me to my friend Krystal. She is an Army Medic. I have no doubt she will have an impact on the future in many ways, saving lives is only going to be one of them. Recently one of her close friends who was stationed in Afghanistan was injured by an IED. Even though I have never met, talked to, or even seen a picture of Krystal's friend, I felt helpless. I felt helpless for the injured soldiers' husband, family,  friends, and teammates. While reading all of the facebook updates posted by friends and family I wanted to do something... anything to help. So I emailed a few of the teachers who have been big supporters of Words For Warriors. I told them about Krystal, and her injured friend, and asked if they would take the time to make something.... anything that we could send to make sure this soldier, who sacrificed her leg, among many other things, would know her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.  

Mrs. Bricker and Mrs. McKee's classes from Janesville Union School made "Get Well Shamrocks" for me to send. Some of these Shamrocks where intricately decorated with markers, crayons, and decorative cut outs that would put a snowflake to shame. Some had messages of sympathy and empathy written on them. I was proud the teachers, and the students took the time to make something, for someone they had never met, who had sacrificed so much on their behalf in an effort to make sure a proud defender of our country knows we care.

I mailed these shamrocks directly to Krystal, who just happened to be home on leave and planning a trip to Walter Reed to see her friend. I know Krystal, who has worked with children before joining the Army, could appreciate the students efforts and would enjoy sharing them with her recovering friend. I hope more than anything these shamrocks provided at least one smile, along with the support from so many in a small town in California.

Relay For Life Kick Off

We are having a HUGE bash to celebrate the Kick Off for relay for life.  If you live anywhere close to me I expect to see you there!  It is at Meadowview School multipurpose room from 6 to 7 pm tonight.  There will be guest speakers, information, games, and giveaways. It's going to be Fun, Fun, and more Fun.  Children are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy the festivities, so please... bring the whole family!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where does the Money Go?

I know a question on pretty much everybody's mind when dealing with a charity is, "Where does the money go?"  No one likes to find out their hard earned money (especially in this economic downfall) has gone to some plush CEO who has more money than brain cells to begin with, so here... I am posting this graph, which can be found on the American Cancer Society Relay For Life web page.  Now that you know where the money goes... I challenge you to make a donation.  The minimum online donation is $5.00... about a gallon and a half of gasoline for your car.  So donate now right here.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fight For Our Future

In an effort to do my part in fighting for our future... like so many of our proud men and women I have become highly involved in Relay for Life.  I am the Team Captain of the Words For Warriors Linked team.  In an effort to get as many students and community members involved I have Teamed up with Links from Lassen Union High School because it only seemed appropriate to fight FOR our future WITH our future.

You can check out the Team Words For Warriors Linked page here.  This page will soon be updated.
You can check out my Personal Team Captain page here. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Veterans Day/Memorial Day Song

My friend Gene who served this country as an Oakland Police officer posted this and I thought it was so wonderful I had to post it here for everyone to see.  It not only brought a tear to my eye, but made me proud of the performing 3rd graders.  This is excellent and I advise you to take the time to listen to it.  It might be the best three minutes of your day.

Thanks you Soldiers Veterans Day/Memorial Day Song by Tussing Elementary Third Grade Class