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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patriotic Fish

When Mrs. Wheeler, a First Grade teacher at Janesville Union told me she was having her kids make "Patriotic Fish" for the soldiers, I was pleased. Due to the chaos at the end of the school year I picked up the box of Patriotic Fish just last week. I wanted to send something special for Fourth Of July and hoped this project would be it. I pulled a fish from the box, I was completely astonished. The love and care each fish is constructed with is evident. Each one is uniquely different, with a message of caring and gratitude from the student who made the fish on the back. Messages include, "You are a special person. Thank you for being brave." "I love you" and "Thank you so much for being a soldier." Mrs. Wheeler even took the time to attach fishing line so the fish can be hung from a celling, or anything you could tie a Patriotic Fish to.
Knowing I get soldier's address from, Mrs. Wheeler asked if I knew where the fish would be sent. I told her I had just adopted a new soldier in Bagram from Soldier's Angel's and I thought this would be a great way for him and his fellow soldiers to celebrate Fourth Of July. Mrs. Wheeler agreed, and now we are just hoping that "milmail" will get the twenty Patriotic Fish to Bagram in time for Fourth Of July celebrations. 
I will admit, as a "grown up" it never occurred to me to make Patriotic Fish, but after seeing these fish it occurs to me, anything can be patriotic. All you need is a little imagination and love, something these students have in epic proportions. 

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