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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29th Nick Moody Update

Below is a letter written by Nick Moody's Mother, Lorina Moody regarding his current status, wishes, and suggestions for how you can help. Nicks Trial was supposed to start today, Monday November 29th but has been postponed. Lorina writes;
5:00am We received a call from the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi. The counselor wanted to inform us that because of a communications glitch between the Court and Al Wathba prison, none of the prisoners from that facility were taken before the court today. She said she has heard that this rarely happens, but it has been known to happen. The counselors tried to contact officials about when Nick’s case would be rescheduled, but were unable to attain an answer today. She said they would try again tomorrow morning and let us know whatever they find out. 

The counselor said when she visited Nicholas on Wednesday, he was holding up well. Of course he is anxious for this to be over, but that he looks well. Also she said that the lawyer did visit Nicholas on Sunday. She did not know why Nicholas has not called home this week, but spoke of a new phone system recently installed at the prison, with limited number storage associated with each prisoner.

Having been just over 30 minutes since this call occurred, I am still shaken. Today I hope to reach out to other US officials that have shown interest in Nick’s case. Due to a Privacy Act, officials out of our state of residence, can only act upon the family’s direct request and I think we have to sign a release of information form, so that they may make inquiries. We have had contact with Congressman McClintock of CA, so far no other CA offices have responded to us. We have had contact with Senator Reid’s office, Senator Ensign’s office, Representative Heller’s office, all of Nevada. As grandparents, my parents have made contact in their home state of OR with Congressman Walden’s office. We signed the release form and faxed it to Senator Bennet’s office in CO. We've attempted contact with other officials, but have not received responses. 

The only thing I can think to do with this delay is reach out even further and ask that if possible everyone that can, make repeated contact with US officials and make our voices louder if we can. If an official shows any interest in assisting, but needs us to make initial contact, please pass this information to me so that I can direct my energies toward those already aware and inclined to help. 

Keeping a forward and positive rally is the only action I can think to apply at this time. As soon as we’ve heard “what next”, I will post it. 

Thank you for all your efforts so far. Every voice, every inquiry, every connection, ………..all serve Nick.

Lorina Moody
If you would like to write your State Representatives, but don't know who they are, please click here. If you would like to see a sample letter with ideas of what to say to your State Representative please click here. If you would like to contact Lorina regarding a State Representative she should contact in order to sign the waiver so they may get involved in Nicks case please email me here and I will pass the information on.

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