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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Those Who Dare by Phil Ward~ A Book Review

Those Who Dare is a historical World War II work of fiction and the first in the Raiding Forces novels, which follows the career of a former American U.S. Army officer by the name of John Randal. John Randal who volunteers for the British Army Kings Royal Rifle Corps starts his memorable career as the Lieutenant in charge of buying trapped Allied troops at Dunkirk time to evacuate. Completely out numbered Randal uses gorilla warfare at Calais, France trading “time for space.”  
Randal is a charismatic character who has the ability to take bored, leaderless men transforming them into an elite fighting force. Randal not only wins the hearts and minds of his men, who are all volunteers, but his superior officers too. 
After Calais he is charged with creating a superior fast striking small raiding fighting force. The various training, equipment logistics, and mission debacles that ensue are classic examples of how plan Alpha never works out. It was interesting to watch Randal work through the same problems Victor Krulak worked through with the problems of amphibious landings during the same time frame.  
Phil Ward has pulled together a variety of believable characters in historical battles and events making an exciting new perspective which allows us to look at a time frame that is sadly being forgotten in light of a decade of recent war. 

I look forward to reading Dead Eagle's, the next book in the series. For more information go to 

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