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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Never Forget

What is the best way to Honor the men and women who sacrifice their freedom for us?  How do we Honor those Hero's who make the ultimate sacrifice;  their life for our freedom? We Never Forget.
I see the public disassociating with the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  People are becoming more and more apathetic as they walk through their daily business. Here are some facts I hope will shake off the blindfold of apathy and help people remember the Tragedy that started it all. Honor the Heros who lost their lives that September day. Honor the families who lost a Hero. Honor the Heros who have fought, and are still fighting for us. NEVER FORGET.

September 11, 2001
2,976 people were killed. 
Here is a breakdown of those deaths:
  •      247 people on 4 planes 
  •      American Airlines Flight 11 flown into the North Tower with 87 passengers and crew members on board.
  •      United Airlines Flight 175  flown into the South Tower with 60 passengers and crew members on board. 
  •      American Airlines Flight 77 flown into the Pentagon building with 64 passengers and crew members. 
  •      United Flight 93 crashed in Shankville PA with 36 passengers and crew members who lost their lives stopping the 4 hijackers. 
There were 2,605 people in the World Trade Center and near it, including:
  •      343 NYFD Firefighters and Paramedics
  •      23 NYPD Police Officers
  •      47 Port Authority Workers
  •      37 Port Authority Police Officers
  •      1,434 people in the North Tower
  •      599 people in the South Tower
  •      1 NYFD Firefighter killed by a man jumping off the top floors of the Twin Towers
  •      327 Foreign Nationals

There were 125 Civilians and Military personnel at the Pentagon.

More than 3,051 children lost parents.

Visit the CNN Memorial site here. It is worth seeing.

Note: The number of the lost do not include the deaths of the 19 hijackers.



Spockgirl said...

Thank you. I have been reflecting on this matter and on that day for some time and had been wondering if most people HAD forgotten, or if they were simply forced to remember on those days designated for remembrance.

Kristina Divine said...

Spockgirl... I too have shared your thoughts, which is part of the reason I wrote the post. I will never forget where I was that day, like so many. I saw the second tower go down standing in a Frye's Electronic store on 50 TV's showing the tragedy as one BIG picture. I remember looking around the store wondering how people could shop during such devastation. I got mad. I think "We The People" need to get mad again.