To encourage and fortify relationships between military service members, veterans, their families, their friends, and their Country; to nurture the path of communication for everyone, ensuring that no one is alone or left behind; and proving that we have not, are not, and will never forget the nobility of their sacrifices.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Postcards Of Thanks

Words For Warriors has been supplying postcards to local businesses for customers to send a word of Thanks downrange.  The postcards are gathered and sent in bundles to Battalions, Units, and Teams to make sure our men and women know they are NOT forgotten. It occurred to me I should be posting these cards to help Words For Warriors meet their goal, of making sure NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN and  WE DO CARE. 
Here is the first of several postcards that will be posted.
 Thank you for what you are doing for all Americans. Remember this is only one season of your life. Fight hard. Live everyday unto the Lord. I pray that you will be protected and comforted by God. 
 Thank You, Cara, Wife and Mother of 2 Boys in CA

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