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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Question For All You Veterans....

After chatting with Anton Sattler, the producer of the FABULOUS MUST SEE documentary Chosin (see my thoughts on Chosin here) I have decided to put together some kind of event to acknowledge the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War and those who served in it. So, I am asking all Veteran's what kind of event should it be? Is a showing of Chosin enough? Perhaps a dinner too? I would like to get as many Korean War Veterans in my area to attend. Should I do something to specifically recognize those who made it home? Have some kind of Memorial set up for those in the area who gave the ultimate sacrifice? Is there anything I should be sure NOT to do? Please give me your thoughts.

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CI-Roller Dude said...

It's very nice of you to do things like this. Most Korean war vets I know are some pretty good folks. I have known a few old time cops and soldiers who fought there. That "war" is still not's just on "hold" for a bit.

Those that fought there, pushed back and held the line when it looked like it would have been impossible. They kicked ASS!

Every since then, America and most of the world has tried to only have short wars...something that is over in a few on TV and movies.