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Monday, April 25, 2011

Vote for Words For Warriors!

Much gratitude is extended to those of you who nominated Words For Warriors for a Milbloggie for Best U.S. Military Supporter. Words for Warriors made it to the final round and voting is taking place as of Monday, April 25 until Thursday, April 28th 4pm PST and 7 pm EST.  I encourage everyone to take the time to vote for their favorite blog in each category.  It only takes a minute and no registration is necessary.
Please visit to cast your vote!

Apologizes for the lack of posts, Mr. Murphy and his Laws have been busy causing havoc in my world. He will not keep Words For Warriors down though, we are excited to report that Words For Warriors will be attending the Milblog Conference where the Milbloggies will be awarded.  After the conference we'll be visiting our Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed as well as discovering the the nations monuments in Washington D.C and surrounding areas. We hope to post updates during the trip of our many adventures.  If you know of a must see in this area please share!


Spockgirl said...

Very cool about the nomination. I saw it when I linked over from TAH. Are you going to be able to visit Arlington National Cemetery while you are there?

I was thinking, since I'm not a huggy person, I should designate you my surrogate hugger and make a list of milbloggers to hug at random, as well as someonet at Walter Reed.

Kristina Divine said...

Thanks S~
I'm pretty shocked... and honored by the nomination. Did you see the company I'm in?

Of course Arlington National Cemetery is on my must see list! Feel free to make a list of people for me to hug! Should I try to get pictures of me with anyone for your jealous compulsive dart throwing? =)

I'm excited about Walter Reed too, I see more compulsive hugging in my future!