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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I've been having fun....
I was at the Milblog Conference on April 29th and 30th where I met The Sniper as well as a number of other bloggers on my Blog roll. I was so excited I forgot to get photographic proof of the others. Oh and Spockgirl.... I told John Lilyea from This Aint Hell, But You Can See It From Here that you would send the check for the hug. 

This is Household 6 Diva she is an Army Wife, a Mom, and a fantastic photographer! She has a ton of great links and a few of her post made me cry... or I might have had something in my eye. 

This is Mark Willis. He Debuted this song at the Milblog Conference. Listen to it. 

After the Conference I decided to explore as much as I could of Washington D.C. and Virginia. 

I got a stranger to take my picture. Thanks stranger!

Gettysburg was overwhelming. A must visit for everyone.

This stranger got me with my eyes closed. Not all strangers are equal.

The Korean War Memorial was one of my favorites.

Another Stranger took my picture. 

I witnessed the changing of the Guard three times. Amazing.

Six names where added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial while I was visiting.

A middle school leaves a note at the Vietnam Wall.

The Women's Memorial.

Went to LOTS of museums. Got to see stardust. 

I got to hold a centipede.

It taste like chicken.

Visited the USS Wisconsin in Virginia Beach

Being six feet tall I learned I'm not built for a Battleship. I was very grateful for the hard hat, which I think I made look pretty good.

Look out, I'm in the Captain's chair preparing my guns...

The Navy guys on the tour couldn't help point out the difference between their guns and...

And the Marine guns on the ship.

I found this in the gift shop.... ouch.

The Nautilus museum next to the USS Wisconsin has a ton of military history.

I got to show my super mom strength and save a small child from this car.

I'm home now.... planing for next years vacation.


The Sniper said...

Awesome finally meeting you. You did post bail, right?

Spockgirl said...

Looks like you had a great time. Figured you would. And... you said that Mr. Lilyea had asked for the money, but you didn't confirm nor deny that a hug took place. Wow... you are six feet tall? Must have scared the bejeepers out of some peeps there with your random hugging.

Kristina Divine said...

Sniper... tell your wife thank you for bailing me out. I guess after being married to you she knew I was an innocent by standard in the clown incident.

Spockgirl... The Sniper witnessed said hug... and Mr. Lilyea might have peed his pants when I grabbed him. I get the feeling he is not hugged by a 6 foot amazon very often. Maybe he should pay you for the experience?

And I can't wait to go back ;+)

j3maccabee said...

Great pics - so glad I had a chance to get to the blog again, thanks for the note about the Memorial Day tributes.
Six feet tall? Wow! Neat! You're the kind of gal I often wish I had around when I can't reach things on the top shelves at Wal mart... I always have to climb them like I'm rock climbing, which seems to cause the employees to become unduly excited.

Seriously thanks for sharing the photos. Oh, and btw - you DO know that some of the larger centipedes, the ones that get about ten to twelve inches long, can bit the crap out of you, right? Just sayin'.

Kristina Divine said...

J3~ I'm always asking short people in stores if I can reach stuff for them... and I'm happy to do it! Of course no one can reach anything in my kitchen without a step stool =)

When I pretended to eat the centipede the guy who works there was like, "Why does everybody do that?" I assumed this was a rhetorical question.

I was happy to share my vacation!