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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gold Star Mother's Day

During World War I families displayed Blue Stars in their windows identifying them as having a loved one fighting in the War. The tradition came to superimpose a Gold Star over the Blue Star if the family member serving in the War was killed.
I think a simple tradition, like placing a Star in a window might help chip away at the apathy the majority of the American's feel towards the current Wars. (I say current Wars, because even though we are officially not supporting combat operations in Iraq, we still have men dying in Iraq.) Seeing the Blue and Gold stars in passing windows as one were to drive to the supermarket to get milk might help bring the Wars closer.  It would also give the general public an opportunity to recognize and pay proper respect to the family members who serve.
Sunday, September 26th is Gold Star Mother's Day. Just as it is important to Thank those serving in the military, it is important to Thank their Mothers, ensuring their sacrifices for our great Nation do not go unnoticed.
From one Mother to another, Thank You for all you have endured for my freedom, and that of my families freedom.

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angelictoo said...

All of our Gold Star Moms, their children who paid the ultimate price for my freedom and all Gold Star family members are in my prayers on this Gold Star Mothers day.

Alice Johnson