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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Operation Postcard Contest

Words For Warriors is having its first contest. It is an art contest for children of all ages. I am looking for Patriotic artwork to make postcards from that will be sent downrange as words of encouragement, making sure no one feels forgotten about.
Artwork may be sent via email to
or by snail mail to

Words For Warriors
P.O. Box 734
Janesville, CA. 96114

There is NO limit to the amount of entries one child can submit. The Deadline for artwork is Friday, November 5th, 2010. The winners will be announced on Veteran's Day, Thursday November 11, 2010.

Please include Child's name, Age, and Hometown along with Parent's name and contact information. There will be different age groups depending on the volume of artwork received, meaning multiple prizes. For you new readers, local businesses display postcards, giving their customers the opportunity to write words of support. Words For Warriors collects the postcards sending them downrange to Iraq and Afghanistan to our Warriors. This program was a huge success in our local Subway over the summer. I should note any artwork received through snail mail will be forwarded downrange for support.

If you don't believe in the power of simple words or children's artwork I encourage you to read here, here, here, and here to see what a few of the troops who have received letters and care packages from Words For Warriors had to say. Just so you all know, I have a wall that is ten feet high and eight feet wide covered in Thank You notes and pictures from warriors. They are grateful for what they receive. Many Veteran's I know keep the letters and artwork they receive while deployed for the rest of their lives. It means THAT much.

Here is one postcard from this summer with a special note of appreciation.
Update as of September 26th 2010: I would like to stress this contest is open to ALL CHILDREN who are residents on planet earth. If you know a child on planet earth who has made patriotic artwork, please enter them into the contest. As a reminder there is NO LIMIT to the amount of artwork one child can submit. ALL received artwork will end up in deployed service members hands and will NOT be returned to the artist. 
Some really fantastic artwork is coming in, and many of them with a story of inspiration. If your child's artwork has a story to accompany it, please send it as well. I love to read them, and I know the service member who receives the artwork will love it also. 


CI-Roller Dude said...

How about post cards with little pictures of Taliban with a target on their faces? The nice citizens could write a nice message on the back like:
Don't forget:
1.) Good sight picture
2.) Good hold and body position
3.) Control your breathing
4.) Squeeze the trigger and follow through.

Kristina Divine said...

I tell you what CI I will make a special Warrior 2 Warrior postcard. You design it... I'll make it!

Coffeypot said...

At my grandson's football game (he's in the band) I met a young Navy Corpsman (a Green Doc) who is deploying to the Rock Pile last week with the Marines and I am trying to get my granddaughter's middle school class to adopt him. Still working on it. But to have kids from you own small home town would be awesome.

Kristina Divine said...

Coffeypot~ Not everyone has someone in their life to show them the importance of support, or how easy and rewarding it can be. (I find it addicting.) Reaching out to anyone who will listen (and some that don't at first) is helping to open eyes. I've seen it. Operation Postcard is much bigger than just writing letters of support, it's helping lift the fog of apathy too, because it's not location specific.
And if you can't get your granddaughter's class to adopt him, let me know, I might be able to help you with that.