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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Honor The Fallen of Afghanistan

As American's there are times we are guilty of believing the War On Terror, or September 11 only affected us.  This of course is not the case. Other countries lost loved ones on September 11th, and they most certainly have lost son's and daughter's in the War On Terror.  There are currently 45 Countries fighting in Afghanistan, not including the USA.
Thanks to my friend at Spockgirl Musings, we can all go to Fallen Canadians to view a list with pictures of the 151 proud Canadian's who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. 
There have been 22 Australian's killed in Afghanistan. You can honor them by looking here
Since 2001 there have 322 British killed. You can honor them here. 
The Fallen of the United States of American can me honored here. 

The following is a complete list of coalition casualties as of Aug. 31, 2010
USA 1,192
UK 332
Canada 151
France 49
Germany 47
Denmark 36
Spain 30
Italy 27
Netherlands 24
Australia 21
Poland 20
Romania 15
Norway 9
Estonia 8
Sweden 4
Czech Republic 3
Hungary 3
Latvia 3
Portugal 2
South Korea 2
Turkey 2
Belgium 1
Finland 1
Jordan 1
Lithuania 1
New Zealand 1
Georgia 1
For a total of 1,985 son's and daughter's who have left behind family who misses and loves them. Each and everyone deserves our respect no matter what country they were born in or fought for.

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Spockgirl said...

Thanks for another great post. You needn't have put a link to my blog, considering its rather eclectic content, but thank you just the same.

One thing I wanted to say is that it kind of makes me proud that the "Fallen Canadians" link is part of Canada's Department of National Defense website. The federal gov't does get some things right.

Also, to let you know the "traffic feed" on your blog tags every time one links out and returns... egads.