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Thursday, September 15, 2011

POW/MIA National Recognition Day- Never Forget

Copying of this poster is encouraged by the DPMO. Feel free to share.
According to the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) statistics, which where updated as of the writing of this post: 73,787 men are still missing from World War II, there are 7,985 service members unaccounted for from Korea, and 1,682 men are waiting to come home from Vietnam.  (Some remains have been recovered and are under going DNA testing for identification.) There were 49 service members listed as POW/MIA during Desert Storm, all 49 souls have been accounted for, the last man was laid to rest in 2009. The DPMO collaborates with several government agencies and countries in Asia to locate and confirm the remains of warriors spanning past conflicts and wars.

Every 3rd Friday of September is POW/MIA Recognition Day in the United States of America, how many citizens know this? How many children in school are taught to remember those who've yet to make it home? How many cities and towns hold POW/MIA ceremonies of some kind? Or even fly a POW/MIA flag? Why should Americans, who've been at War for ten years care about those past Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen who have been missing and could dead after all this time?


Because the motto "Leave No Man Behind" is not a hallow phrase spoken flippantly. There are families and loved ones of 83,454 warriors who are waiting for closure and peace of mind.  That means there are thousands of Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, and Grandchildren who are waiting for word of their loved ones fate. They are plagued with questions....

What if they are still alive?
What happened to them?
If they are dead, how did they die?
Will they ever be found?
Will I ever be at peace?

The Warriors who have yet to make it home deserve Honor, Respect, and Remembrance of a nation they fought and served. The remains of 29 men have been identified and laid to rest in 2011 according to the DPMO. If you would like to read the names and in some cases learn a little about the men please click here. 
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How can you honor those still missing? You can fly a POW/MIA flag tomorrow, Friday September 16th. If you discover a government building not flying the flag, you can kindly remind them flying the POW/MIA flag has been written into law. You can download this free 2011 POW/MIA Remembrance Day poster, post it as your profile picture on your social media accounts like facebook and twitter. You can have copies of the poster (per the DPMO website that offers the posters, for free) and display them in your home, office, or apartment building as a reminder to all Americans. You can wear a black arm band, explaining when asked that you are doing your part in making sure the POW/MIA's sacrifices will Never Be Forgotten. You can ask those around you at work, or school to take a moment of silence at 10 am on Friday, September 16th in honor of those Warriors and their families awaiting their arrival home.

Remember.... Their Sacrifice. Our Freedom.

Words For Warriors is hosting a Moment of Silence of Facebook, you can join the event at

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