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Monday, September 19, 2011

A US Army Medic Wounded Warrior

Sgt. Brian Christopher Jergens, from Oklahoma is 22 years old and his wife is 18 years old. They were married a month before Sgt. Jergens left for Afghanistan. Sgt. Jergens, a medic was one of three riding in a Humvee when it was struck by and IED, unfortunately he was the most severely injured. He lost both of he legs below the knee, his ring finger on his left hand, a broken arm, a cracked vertebra, abdominal injuries to the extent doctors removed his spleen. Doctors also had to control the swelling of his brain.

It was only just recently, in the end of August that Sgt. Jergens opened his eyes for the first time at the hospital in San Antonio, Texas to the joy of his wife, Jennifer. He hasn't been able to talk yet, but he is able to track objects with his eyes, and his wife says he is very aware of his surroundings.

Sgt. Jergens followed in his fathers foot steps of enlisting in the Army to be a medic. His father, Sargent Major Brian Keith Jergens has been temporarily assigned to a post near his son who was recovering in Texas until today.  Sgt. Jergens was flown to California to continue his recovery at the Palo Alto VA today, September 19th. The Patriot Guard was on hand to support this wounded warrior and in welcoming him to California.

This warrior and his family has a long tough road to recovery in front of them. If you would like to read updates about his recovery his wife has set up a web page there is also a facebook group

I wish I could have personally been able to meet Sgt. Jergens to welcome him to California, it would have been an honor. In fact it is an honor to have him and his wife in California. I hope and pray he has a full recovery.

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