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Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet A Veteran Day-Coming Together

For those of you who don't know, Words For Warriors is putting on an assembly at Janesville School on Thursday, November 10th called Meet A Veteran Day. We first announced it here. I am proud to say this event is coming together.

One of those friends I'd like to thank is Kanani from The Kitchen Dispatch . Kanani was nice enough to send Army Flair which will be given to the winners of the student art contest.

I would also like to send much gratitude to my friend and Blue Star Mom Sheri D.  Sheri and her Mr. Subway own the local Subways and have thrown in 10 coupons for free sandwiches to sweeten the pot!

The Air Force Recruiter was out of the office today.  The Army Recruiter was rushing out the door, and the Marine Recruiter gave me a cute smile. 

But the NAVY recruiter..... 

That's right there's so much you have to turn your head sideways.

There will be pictures, perhaps the local newspaper, and hopefully video to cover this 1st Annual Meet A Veteran Day. I'll keep you posted! 


CI-Roller Dude said...

the coast guard has some pretty cool stuff they give out...

Kristina Divine said...

CI~ Even though I'm in California, I am as far away from the ocean as I can get. I'm practically on the Nevada border, so we don't have a Coast Guard Recruiter here. =(

Spockgirl said...

The Marine recruiter gave you a cute smile... But... was he cute? Sorry, just had to ask.

(Quietly whispering: Go Navy... seeing what they supplied.)

Kristina Divine said...

S~ The Marine Recruiter was cute, but he never stood up, which makes me curious if he was Umpa Lumpa size and was intimidated by my Amazon height.

The BIG surprise was the Air Force Recruiter, think the Hulk without green skin. No joke. I was constantly trying to position myself so if he flexed and a button flew off I would not be rendered unconscious.