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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ssgt Robert B. Cowdrey- Flight Medic and Angel

Picture from the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade facebook page for Ssgt Cowdrey's Memorial Ceremony

Ssgt Robert B. Cowdrey was serving his fourth deployment. He served as a Combat Medic with C Company "Dust Off" 3rd Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. Task Force Poseidon.  He died in combat operations on October 13 in Afghanistan.

I can't find any words for this Soldier or his family. Only that he has been described as an angel who came from up above to help the wounded. I believe he is still an angel, up above, looking down on all those he loves, especially his wife Jill of 17 years and his three sons.

Here are some links about Brian's life, his work, and those who love him.

This link shows pictures of Brian at work in February 2010 in Marjah, Afghanistan when he was apart of the U.S. Army Task Force Pegasus team. All Eyes Photo Blog at

Quentin, Brian's little brother believes Brian died doing what he loved.

Read what U.S. Army Maj. Grahm Bundy of Sussex, Wis., and Task Force Talon Dust Off Commander had to say about Brian.  At the bottom is a list of his awards, which illustrates his loyalty and valor. DVIDS-NEWS 

Here are the pictures posted through the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade facebook page of Brian's memorial service. *Tissue Alert*

My friend at War On Terror News posted the last interview Brian gave Fighting For A Life and a statement from the Cowdrey family. Honor Brian's family and his memory by reading it. RIP SSG Robert B. Cowdrey

My friend, Laughing Wolf at BlackFive has a fantastic memorial post about Brian. The post includes a video made my Brian's youngest son after Brian's death. Go see it. GOD SPEED SSG ROBERT B. "BRIAN" COWDREY 

The blogger who goes by Assoluta Tranquillita is a close friend of Brian's. You can see her words, and those of others who love Brian. SSG Brian Cowdrey Who Shall I Send?

You will note I have a Warrior Remembrance Wall on the upper left corner. These are Soldiers and Marines that have had some personal impact on my life who I want to honor and remember. Brian is one of them. May God bring peace to his family and friends.

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