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Monday, January 2, 2012

Does Mail and Care Packages Help Stop PTSD?

This article from the Chicago-Sun Times titled Hight-Tech Age Letters Still Matter discusses a study which shows family members who received hand written letters, emails they could print and keep with them, and care packages from family members were less likely to develop PTSD. This is the first study of it's type that I could find. I hope there are future studies in the works, and hope in the future they don't limit themselves to troops who regularly receive mail from family, but broaden the study to those who regularly receive mail. I have supported many troops, and I have several friends who support troops. Between all of us, I'd say we've supported THOUSANDS of troops with letters, care packages, and emails. Us active troop supporters know the value of what we send and do. I can only hope that word will spread and ALL of our troops overseas will feel the support of their country, because not every troop has a family to support them, but they do have a country filled with people who do.

How can you support a troop?

If you, or your child (children LOVE getting involved) draw a picture, write a letter, or make a card I will make sure it gets in the hands of a troop. Just email me or mail it directly to me at PO Box 734, Janesville, CA 96114. This is an AWESOME class project for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders who need to practice their letter writing skills.

If you would like to support a troop while they are deployed I suggest looking into being a Solider's Angel or visiting

There are many amazing programs out there, these are but a few. I have made some life long friends and some I would even consider family, all by writing letters and sending care packages. Give it a try.

Remember.... Their Sacrifices. Our Freedom.


CI-Roller Dude said...

I know I was very happy to get COFFEE and CLIF bars from family and friends...sometimes, our unit got stuff from strangers- which was very nice...however, the REMFS usually picked out the best stuff before any of those who went outside the wire saw the packages.

At some of the very remote camps, we had no PX, so the things like tooth paste etc came in handy.

I had one kid in Bosnia who complained his family and friends never wrote him or sent him anything....I asked how often he wrote or called them. Zero times. I suggested he start the conversation and see how it turns around. They didn't know what he wanted or needed because he never talked to them....

Kristina Divine said...

Very true CI but I have also sent packages to men who's families are too poor, or who don't have any family except for the brothers they fight with.