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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mail Call From Afghanistan!

Words For Warriors has been supporting Sgt. Jeffery Tumey through his deployment in Afghanistan. He has received a number of letters, as he is one of the few who specifically requested letters from students. A memo went out to teachers with a little about Sgt. Tumey's background. Mr. Tripplet's 1st grade class and Mrs. Bricker's 3rd grade class responded to Sgt. Tumey's call for mail. He is currently answering their letters, meanwhile I received a box of thanks.

Sgt. Tumey is the second from the banner, on the left, in the back row.

Sgt. Tumey is the NCOIC of an Engineer Team.
Obviously Sgt. Tumey has discovered the way to my heart.... BOOKS!

Sgt. Tumey included this touching thank you letter.
      Hey! Thank you for all you have done for myself and the Soldiers' here. I know you keep very busy with a lot of stuff including your family life. I am sure that you have a pretty hectic schedule daily. I am also thankful that I have found a pretty cool friend like you. It's hard to trust hardly anyone in my situation so seeing and talking to a friendly person helps me back to reality. This packaged box was the only box that was small enough for this picture and letter. To give you more of an adventure into my vivid imagination sometimes, I sent these two books just to give an idea of century that I place my mind into when not battleing. I have read these already and I loved them. I am not saying YOU MUST READ THEM, you know what, yes I am, YOU MUST READ THEM, there I said it twice! Lol But for real, your thoughtfulness and appreciation is unmeasurable to anyone I have ever known.
Thank you Kristina, you will forever be in my heart, and the Soldiers that you make an impression on.
SGT Tumey, Jeffery aka: Sapper 
Letters like this one reinforces the importance of supporting the military. I am proud of Sgt Tumey, the men and women he serves with, and his family that misses him dearly while he is gone. Thank you Sgt. I look forward to welcoming you home soon. I will also have book reports soon on these two must read books!

*Sgt Tumey gave prior permission to use his real name, his team picture, and to post his letter.

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soniaroads said...

ahhh kristina! so this is what this is all about huh? how neat this letter left me just here with pride that i know someone like you, you make me proud to be avamerican, woman! i just love you!