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Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanks From An Airman

Kristin Devine, Mrs. Rachel Vincent and the students of Susanville, Ca. and surrounding areas.  I have read each of your letters and passed them on to my Airmen.  During the Holidays we have received numerous packages and gifts from around the states.  However, the letters from the students are treasured most because of the messages sent and support relayed in each letter.  From the football, basketball, soccer players to the ones with artistic skills and musical dreams; all of us here in Afghanistan would like to thank you for your support.  Your letters and drawings are hung proudly in our office.  I wish I could write back to all of the letters I received from students like you.  Please know that your support and letter helped an Airmen in some way.  Either it got them through a tough day or brought the memories of home just a bit closer to them.  We are all here for the same reason.  To help the people of Afghanistan and protect our way of life back home.  In my mind, I do what I do for you and my family.  I have two boys, 10 yrs and 16 yrs old that I would do anything for and that feeling is extended to everyone back in the states.
The words and thoughts of the young people are what most of us remember when we return home.  So I thank you again for taking your time to start a great program.
Thank you and take care.
SMSgt Timothy W. Fearney

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