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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Child Who Battles "Empathy Fatigue"

I do not know Addi, but understand her. I know she is growing into an amazing young woman who can truly accomplish anything she wishes. For those of you in the Armed Forces who thinks no one cares, this is a must read.
H/T Allie
GEORGETOWN, KY. • On Christmas Day somewhere inAfghanistan, a Navy fireman named Greg put on his “magic Santa hat” and, as directed, handed out cards to 300 of his fellow troops.
All because of 10-year-old Addi Fletcher.
Greg is one of hundreds of active-duty military whom the Georgetown girl refers to as “my soldier friends,” and every week for the past four years, she has written a letter to at least one service member in Iraq or Afghanistan. She has sent care packages at least twice a month. And, at one point, she decided she had to adopt 100 members of the military.
“What’s neat about Addi is her dedication,” said Patti Patton-Bader, who founded the nonprofit Soldiers’ Angels program that matches Addi with her pen pals. “She just put her nose to the grindstone and really got it.” Read More....

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