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Friday, June 11, 2010


Right before school was out, I became aware of a friend, who knew a female soldier, who survived an IED in Afghanistan and was recovering at Walter Reed. That same day a teacher asked me how "the soldiers are doing?" I mentioned the female soldier, and how I wished I could do something to send her some support. That's how it got started. I spoke to the students in the classes I taught that day, all kindergardeners through third graders. I asked the students to raise their hands and tell me what made them feel better when they got hurt or sick. I got a variety of answers ranging from rainbows to video games. Then I explained there was a hurt soldier and perhaps if we drew some of the things that made us feel better, it might make her feel better too. Soon I had approximately 100 drawings and a few letters. Mrs. Bricker and Mrs. Ovitz, both Third grade teachers had their students go a little farther by decorating stars to send.

My thoughts have mostly been with the female soldier and her family. It hadn't occurred to me what the students would learn from making these cards, until the very last day of school. I had a kindergardener walk up to me and say, "I remember you. You taught me how to make people feel better by drawing pictures for them." That priceless moment is one of the BEST moments of my teaching experience so far.
I tell people, if you really want to change something, then start with the children. In the battle of apathy in America today, there are several students at Janesville Union who I believe will turn the tide for the better.


CI-Roller Dude said...

OK, don't tell anybody that made me smile. That was really nice.

Unknown said...

Your secret is safe with me.