To encourage and fortify relationships between military service members, veterans, their families, their friends, and their Country; to nurture the path of communication for everyone, ensuring that no one is alone or left behind; and proving that we have not, are not, and will never forget the nobility of their sacrifices.

Monday, March 25, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

My goal for Words For Warriors was to use my contacts through schools to involve children in supporting our Military, showcasing letters between the children and the Military. I wanted proof that American's do care. We are not all at the mall. Since my last post in November 2012, I have supported Wounded Warrior's, the USO, and some grateful fellows downrange. I have not shared those experiences, but that doesn't make them any less fulfilling. Which leads me to wonder....
Should I continue to blog?

I am struggling with the decision to continue this blog, or call it quits. Don't get me wrong, I am still a huge supporter of Military, Veteran's, Wounded Warrior's, and their Families. Providing support has introduced me to some amazing people. At the same time, it has opened me up to nefarious military personal who lied to me in ways I still can't comprehend. 

So I ask, is this blog reaching it's intended audience?
Does publicly showcasing support for the Military help in anyway?

Should I change the blog's scope?

Be honest. I'm asking for it.

Above all though.... Remember. Their Sacrifice. Our Freedom. 


CI-Roller Dude said...

I wondered where ya' went. Keep blogging...maybe expand.
Here's something a buddy of mine started:

Kristina Divine said...

I've subscribe to by email so I can watch their progress. I love the idea and hope it goes well when they get everything up and running.

Annnnd Thanks for the support. I've been thinking about you too. I've been meaning to check in ;)

Anonymous said...

keep blogging, its your passion!

Anonymous said...

keep doing this. there's a reason. like they had to keep going, you should too.