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Friday, December 24, 2010

Could Nick Moody Be Arrested Again And Sent Back To Prison?

Nick's Mother Lorina Moody who has now set her sights on Nick's safe return home for the New Year, as he will not make it home for Christmas has big concerns. Nick's 30 Day Visa expired while he was in prison in the UAE on a charge of carrying weapons related paraphernalia. Nick was arrested on September 29th and released on December 1st. It should be noted once his case was settled, it took the government 22 days to release Nick's passport, after much work from his lawyers.

Immigration states it is illegal to be in the Country without a valid Visa. Therefore a 16,000 AED ($4355) fine is being enforced. Nick's lawyer is working hard to get the fine waived since Nick was detained and held in prison with no way to extend his Visa. Nick's lawyer is meeting with Immigration Officials on Sunday. If Immigration decides Nick is at fault for his lapsed Visa he will be arrested and returned to prison to await another trial for being in the Country with an expired Visa.

The Moody family continues to ask for support in keep Nick's case in the forefront of the news and politicians minds as well as our hearts and prayers. 

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