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Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming Nick Moody Home At Reno International Airport

Words For Warriors was honored to attended Nick's Welcome home Thursday night December 30th at Reno Airport. I regret not getting any photos, but the above news coverage is comprehensive. Nick was all smiles when I introduced myself. He even made a hearty laugh when I gave him a welcome home note from a friend he served with over 3 years ago.

Lorina, Nick's mother held a constant smile thanking everyone for all their support in bringing her son home. Lornia acknowledged it was the individual people of this nation who helped give her son back to her, not the bureaucracy whom runs this country.

Nick seemed a little shy and shell shocked at the out pouring of support.  His friend confided that Nick wasn't the kind of person who liked a lot of attention. I know Nick is grateful for all of his supporters, and a little in awe of the strangers who came to help him in his hour of need. Because of everyone who worked so hard, Nick can continue with his life, life as a normal college student. Good luck Nick.

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Spockgirl said...

Me... smiling. Yay.
Happy New Year indeed.