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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nick Moody Should Be On US Soil December 29th

Lorina Moody is proudly announcing that her son, Nick Moody not only has his passport, and a valid Visa, but also two plane tickets. One ticket takes him to JFK airport on December 29th, the other ticket takes him to Reno Nevada on December 30th. His plane is due to arrive in Reno at 5pm.

Once Nick arrives in Reno there will be a gathering at the Grand Sierra Lobby for all of his friends, family, and supporters. The family also hopes to have a Homecoming in Susanville for those who can not make it to the airport to welcome Nick home. These details are not available at this time, but I will update when they become available.

Until then...


Spockgirl said...

Cool news... Big sigh of relief for Nick and his family. Excellent way to bring in the New Year.

Kristina Divine said...

Yes. His next battle will be proving he's a returning student to Nevada State University, who denied him entrance. I'm sure he'll be victorious in that battle too.