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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For A Brave Warrior

Anyone who knows me, knows I don't have to know you, to want to do something for you. If I hear you need something, and I have it, I will give it to you. If you need a laugh, I am your fool. I am a giver. It makes me happy to help other people, anyway I can. That is, after all, why I started this blog and Words For Warriors project. I saw a need for the men and women who fight for us to know, we know they are there, and we appreciate them. Their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

This leads me to my friend Krystal. She is an Army Medic. I have no doubt she will have an impact on the future in many ways, saving lives is only going to be one of them. Recently one of her close friends who was stationed in Afghanistan was injured by an IED. Even though I have never met, talked to, or even seen a picture of Krystal's friend, I felt helpless. I felt helpless for the injured soldiers' husband, family,  friends, and teammates. While reading all of the facebook updates posted by friends and family I wanted to do something... anything to help. So I emailed a few of the teachers who have been big supporters of Words For Warriors. I told them about Krystal, and her injured friend, and asked if they would take the time to make something.... anything that we could send to make sure this soldier, who sacrificed her leg, among many other things, would know her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.  

Mrs. Bricker and Mrs. McKee's classes from Janesville Union School made "Get Well Shamrocks" for me to send. Some of these Shamrocks where intricately decorated with markers, crayons, and decorative cut outs that would put a snowflake to shame. Some had messages of sympathy and empathy written on them. I was proud the teachers, and the students took the time to make something, for someone they had never met, who had sacrificed so much on their behalf in an effort to make sure a proud defender of our country knows we care.

I mailed these shamrocks directly to Krystal, who just happened to be home on leave and planning a trip to Walter Reed to see her friend. I know Krystal, who has worked with children before joining the Army, could appreciate the students efforts and would enjoy sharing them with her recovering friend. I hope more than anything these shamrocks provided at least one smile, along with the support from so many in a small town in California.

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Anonymous said...

Those shamrocks are awesome, thank you so much.