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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Put yourself in his dad’s shoes « BurnPit

A loving father, grieving for his Marine son who was killed in Iraq is ordered to pay court cost for the lawyers who protested his son's funeral. Wow.  I have so many responses, I am dizzy just trying to think of one to put in print. In the end I will just encourage you to read the story for yourself and make up your own mind, then let me know how it makes you feel and what you think of it all.

I send my best wishes to the brave Father, and am so grateful for organizations like The American Legion who help our Veteran's and their Families in so many ways, this just being one of them.

Put yourself in his dad’s shoes « BurnPit

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The Sniper said...

I would rather put myself in a hide site outside a certain church with a spotter.