To encourage and fortify relationships between military service members, veterans, their families, their friends, and their Country; to nurture the path of communication for everyone, ensuring that no one is alone or left behind; and proving that we have not, are not, and will never forget the nobility of their sacrifices.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Words For Warriors Supporter

I would like to send a special Thanks to Elise's from Elise's Barber Shop on 724 Main Street. She has only been in business about a week and has still found time not only to support our Relay For Life effort, but also support our troops, and help me support them.  The front windows in Elise's shop are filled with framed photo's of Susanville's fine men and woman who either have or, are serving our Country. Elise offered me full use of her windows, indefinitely to support Words For Warriors and help me raise donations for postage. I am so eternality grateful I almost busted out with a little dance right in her shop. Below is a picture of her shop, decorated for Paint The Town Purple.  I encourage everyone in the Susanville area who needs a Barber to visit Elise. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
The shop is filled with American Pride and Support, of all kinds.
Thank You Elise.

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