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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Army Strong

I have had the pleasure of meeting a ton of new people which have quickly turned into very valuable friendships by starting Words For Warriors.  Today I received a package from my friends, Team Nemesis who are in Bagdad.  I have several pictures that they have sent me, but will not post them because I have not asked for permission and don't know if I would endanger them by doing so.  After all... this is the internet.  However, I will post some pictures of me and my boys showing off a few items that were in the package.  Not only are these great guys, but to know they took the time to put something special together for me and my boys overwhelms me.  I know they have difficult jobs and are in danger frequently, and yet still thought of us.  So it is with ALL my heart I say THANK YOU TEAM NEMESIS.

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