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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mrs. Ethridge's Class

Mrs. Ethridge teaches the 4th and 5th grade combo class at Janesville Union School.  I had the privilege of being her substitute in the month of January.   I say it was a privilege because that's exactly what it was. Anyone who has a child in her class can be very proud on several levels.  First, it is an extraordinarily well behaved class.  I don't even think I had to ask them to quiet down once, which is completely unheard of for a substitute.  Secondly, I saw these children express more caring, empathy, and understanding for each other and the soldiers than I have ever seen in a classroom.
When I first explained that whenever they finished with an assignment early they could read a book quietly at their desk, or draw pictures, and write to the soldiers they were immediately excited.  In the instant to follow I heard students talking to other students about what not to say, because they didn't want to draw or write anything that would make the soldiers sad.  The students goal was clearly to make every soldier who was lucky enough to receive their letters, smile.  After looking at the pictures and reading the notes I think it is a safe bet they will illicit several smiles.  Especially the two boys who chose to write jokes.
I can't hardly wait for the letters to reach the USO in Al Basra Iraq where they can be properly enjoyed.    

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