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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks From A Marine

I just wanted to share this letter I got from Corporal Stevenson who was lucky enough to get the Valentines Day pop-up cards from Mrs. Ovitz's third grade class.  If you don't remember these fabulous cards you may see my previous post here.

Hello Kristina, my name is CPL Stevenson, (I just go promoted not to long ago so my email still says LCPL) I am in the United States Marine Corps and have been in for roughly 3 years now. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the time you have took to start you "words for warriors" program. It is greatly appreciated. About my self, I am 21 years old and am currently deployed in southern Helmand province in Afghanistan, I too am from California, I am from Fresno which is in central California. But I am stationed out of camp lejeune NC. Your letters are VERY much appreciated, "A MARINE IS ONLY AS STRONG AS HIS SUPPORT FROM HOME" and to tell you the truth, sometimes we do feel forgotten and unappreciated, but people like you are the ones that we are here fighting for. And I thank you for what your doing. We have forwarded your letters to all the marines in my direct unit, and thought we do not have much time to write, I took it upon myself to let you know that we appreciate it... so once again, thank you very much, feel free to email me anytime.. thank you!!!!


I would like to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to Corporal Stevenson on his promotion.  I have no doubt it was well earned.

*I would just like to note that I have reposted Corporal Stevenson's letter exactly as he wrote it.  I have not added or taken anything from it and all emphasis is his. 

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