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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Students Making A Difference

I would just like to stress the hard work the students are putting into their letters, poems, and artwork is paying off.  I mailed 14 packages of student work in the Month of January and have received 7 responses so far.  Considering the conditions and grueling work hours of these men, getting a response from half is far more than I could have ever expected.  The amazing thing is some of the packages are only just arriving, and some haven't arrived at all, so we may get responses from more soldiers in the future.

Every one of these soldiers who has responded has made it a point to let me know that receiving the packages full of student work not only brought smiles to their faces, but pride in their hearts.  I think one Marine said it best when he said, "A MARINE IS ONLY AS STRONG AS HIS SUPPORT FROM HOME."  He then went on to say that he had felt forgotten, so the letters he received where a great comfort and moral booster.  The letters are currently being passed to everyone in his unit.  I am finding out that these men share everything so passing the letters around so everyone in the unit can read them is standard operational procedure.

The letters I have received have brought great satisfaction to me, because they show we are being successful.  The students, teachers, and I are proving to our Warriors we do care.  They have not been forgotten about, and they are important to us.  I believe that is making all the difference.

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